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Aug. 17th, 2005 @ 07:23 pm They're on to me.
Current Mood: listlessWired
Current Music: Tyre Tracks and Broken Hearts.
This is not meant to be an insight into my personality, but the guys at work pointed out too me the way I eat animal crackers.
I bite off their legs.
I bite off any extremities, tails, trunks, et al.
I bite off thier heads and then I finish it off.
They left out the fact that I make the other animal crackers watch.

I took an anti-depressant for four days. It completely flat0lined my personality. A long time ago it was suggested that I take it of what was or wasn't considered Adult ADD and I semi-joked about not wanting to take it because it would dull my brilliance. I was right.

I am taking "toys" to DragonCon. Not that I am planning on using them but if the opportunity provides itself... well I'll be prepared. Som many things I learned as and errant Boy Scout.
The biggest thing I am so truely looking forward to about this event is the good company I know that is going to be ther, the good times that will be had and getting my geek on. Anything from the pagentry of the costumes to the lessons emparted by the panalsm it is going to be a weekend that I will truely remember. They all are. I love them.

I am a Stargate geek. I might have crossed over the line when my youngest asked what I was doing in the back yard and I told her I was taking measurements to build a Stargate in my narrow strip of land. I am a costume whore anyways, but last month when I put on my F-302 ensemble I fel like I was in the military again. Same flight suit I jumped with is the suit I used for the costume and damn if it didn't feel good! You know what though... I love playing make-believe. Even if I am twice as old as those I am plying with.
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