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Jan. 22nd, 2010 @ 01:43 pm Been a year....

It's my annual update... sorta....

The Cowford Steampunk Society is fully up and running! (running amuk some would say)

I have decided that I am in better shape at 46 than I was at 26.

I've started working on my plan to get myself to the next level. (Truth betold I want to get into superhero costuming but don't want to look like a fat-ass when I do.)

I'm still employeed in a job that rocks!

I reconnected with some old frineds. I reconnected with family. I met new people. I fell out with some others.

I dropped Facebook and Myspace! From now on I am keeping my social networking to specific areas.

You know... Life is good. It's very good.

Nothing but love,

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