Been a year....


It's my annual update... sorta....

The Cowford Steampunk Society is fully up and running! (running amuk some would say)

I have decided that I am in better shape at 46 than I was at 26.

I've started working on my plan to get myself to the next level. (Truth betold I want to get into superhero costuming but don't want to look like a fat-ass when I do.)

I'm still employeed in a job that rocks!

I reconnected with some old frineds. I reconnected with family. I met new people. I fell out with some others.

I dropped Facebook and Myspace! From now on I am keeping my social networking to specific areas.

You know... Life is good. It's very good.

Nothing but love,


Many Wonderful Things!

First off... well maybe space opera isn't dead. it lives in places that mainstream media can not reach or understand. I for one am greateful for this.

There is so much good stuff in life right now. I could be depressed and morse about the stuff that isn't, but damn it.... I choose to be happy with the goodies.

There is so much.... Oh.... where to start.

I am making new friends, and gettting to know my old ones better. Part of my life changing plans with the New Year besides the eating right, exercising more,  and quit smoking was to work on my much abused social skills.

So I started with indulging my fetish. It has been a liberating expeience!

Steampunk rules! If things go right I should have another major component to the replica dive suit finished soon. I made goggles last week so now I cna keep up with the cool kids. I am even learning some practical Victorian ediquette!

Well... that's all I fee like sharing. just thing. It's been more substance thant the alst few months have had to offer.

Cowford Steampunk Society

Hello all my friends,

In what I hope proved to be a bountiful holiday weekend for all, I invite all to the next, the second at that, meeting of the Cowford Steampunk Society meeting two weeks hence.


This event will take place December 13th, from noon until 2:00 PM at the Pablo Creek Library meeting room.


This month I have small gifts for all who attend and we will discuss future events and have a show and tell.


Afterwards we will retreat to the Brass Bustle for fine eats.

Any Quetions please contact me at .


My best,


Buzz Ryan

Space Opera Is dead.

Space Opera is dead.


Or at least in a coma waiting to have the plug pulled on it.


Brad Pitt’s Homer in Space? Yeah it’s over.


From the bookshelves littered, in the polluted sense even, with alternative histories, hot chick vampire hunters, and film and television adaptations, to the small and big screens the science fiction that was space opera is gone.


Serenity was the final seizure of a once grand adventure. Star Trek: The Next Movie may be the first nail in the coffin. Personally I am pulling for it to be the respirator.


There is no science fiction, just speculative fiction. Mark my words, one day there will not even be that. You will find all of what we know nestled amongst the mainstream fiction, romance and mysteries which basically is all any of this stuff is anymore. This has already started. Science Fiction DVD’s are interspersed at Blockbuster in the action and horror genres.


It makes me want to swallow a flaming baseball bat when I hear a very well produced science fiction, erg, speculative fiction podcast spending more time talking about Prison Break because there are no other notable works out there.


The best there is right now is Battlestar Galactica and I think it sucks.


I sit around and wonder what would my crew and I do if we inherited a spaceship full of beer? What my life would be like on a moon base and working as much overtime as I do now, and having to repaint Warhammer 40K figures because it’s a pain to get more shipped up?


If I can come up with something like that why can’t the pros?

(no subject)

Fair ladies and good gentlemen, I invite you to an organizational meeting for all interested parties for the inauguration of the Cowford Florida Steampunk Society.


I apologize in advance for taking the liberty to set the time and place, but alas too much discussion leads to too much dissention. I fear that it is a universal maxim that you can not accommodate everyone, but please know that I did the best I could to accommodate the most people.  


Mark your calendars and set your mechano-cartographer into action for Saturday, November 8th, 2008 at the Pablo Creek Library, 13295 Beach Blvd Jacksonville (904-992-7101). Time of the room reservation is from Noon ‘til 2:00 pm.


For this event, regalia is not a necessity, personas are not required, and there is no parking for airships. Bring your garb, your props, and your pictures of your work if you desire. Bring your writings, your sketches, but most of all bring your geek and constructive ideas to build upon this foundation.


While not being a fan of tight formats, yet being versed in Roberts Rules of Order I have set a loose agenda for the meeting in order to maximize the time we have.


-Call to Order


-Discussion on the group format.

-Discussion of future events.

-Show and tell, lecture, workshop, what have you.


-Possibly retreat to an establishment for a meal or tea.


I feel this should cover every thing for our first meeting, and future topics can be fleshed out in subsequent gatherings.


For any comments or queries please contact me at


My best,


Vice-Admiral Rudolph Beggley


A.K.A. Buzz Ryan

This still works!?!?

I haven't posted a journal or blog in three years since I became a Myspace whore! I can't believe this account wasn't deleted a long time ago and that I remembered my overly complicated password....

Must keep up....

They're on to me.

This is not meant to be an insight into my personality, but the guys at work pointed out too me the way I eat animal crackers.
I bite off their legs.
I bite off any extremities, tails, trunks, et al.
I bite off thier heads and then I finish it off.
They left out the fact that I make the other animal crackers watch.

I took an anti-depressant for four days. It completely flat0lined my personality. A long time ago it was suggested that I take it of what was or wasn't considered Adult ADD and I semi-joked about not wanting to take it because it would dull my brilliance. I was right.

I am taking "toys" to DragonCon. Not that I am planning on using them but if the opportunity provides itself... well I'll be prepared. Som many things I learned as and errant Boy Scout.
The biggest thing I am so truely looking forward to about this event is the good company I know that is going to be ther, the good times that will be had and getting my geek on. Anything from the pagentry of the costumes to the lessons emparted by the panalsm it is going to be a weekend that I will truely remember. They all are. I love them.

I am a Stargate geek. I might have crossed over the line when my youngest asked what I was doing in the back yard and I told her I was taking measurements to build a Stargate in my narrow strip of land. I am a costume whore anyways, but last month when I put on my F-302 ensemble I fel like I was in the military again. Same flight suit I jumped with is the suit I used for the costume and damn if it didn't feel good! You know what though... I love playing make-believe. Even if I am twice as old as those I am plying with.
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Hurt my back yesterday moving a bowflex. I thought those things were supposed to be good for you?

24 Days.

24 days until Dragon Con.
It must becuase I had a rough day at work but my excito-meter isn't exactly pegged. What I like about conventions, be they Science Fiction, Fetish, or UFOs is even though I can plan to the nth detail I still don't know what to expect.
I'm really tired. I used to take naps as a refuge, but now I work. I scheduled an apointment with my doctor. I only do this when I have a list of stuff. Why get looked at when I feel good you know. It's not like it's 3,000 miles and I have to get the oil changed. Smoking is killling me but it's the only way I can fight off my depression. I am going to see if he can hook me up with Welbutrin or something. Not that I have had sex in a long time but I am finding that ED happens when it's you alone in the bathroom with an old Spiderwoman comic book too. Last time I saw him a few years ago he said my prostate was slightly enlarged. Well... it seems that my constant trips to the facilities are getting on my nerves too. The only reason I am going to see the man is because I want to at least see my girls out of High School. Not like I have a lot else going on.
The one lady I mentioned in a previous entry about letting go even though it killed me. She's moved on. I am happy for her and her new boyfriend and hope that the two of them have many happy years ahead of them. I'm sad for me. For a moment... just a breif moment I thought I had a glimmer of happiness. I will cherish that for as long as I can.
I think I am going to curl up with a book by Zahn in a little bit after I tuck the kids in bed.

Early Morning Ramblings....

Goodie!!! I got to sleep in until 6:30!!!

Sci FI shows Shark Attack 2 and Shark Attack 3 but they never show Shark Attack 1. So I went to Blockbuster to rent it and there they ahd Shark Attack 2 and Shark Attack 3 but no Shark Attack 1. It's a conspiracy with Fortean overtones I tell ya!!!!

Sooner or later I am going to try and figure out how to make LiveJournal look better. Probably when I leave the and of dail up and have a longer attention span. In a related bit of news there is this lady I met at Star Wars Celebration that is so fly I really felt like the lukiest guy in the world to share her company for as breif a time as I could. Anyhow if she reads this I want her to know that I found here LiveJournal and think she is even more cooler than I thought she was before!!!!! Thank you.

DRAGONCON!!!! So soon!! I have my Stagate F-302 gear finished. I just got my Star Wars-esque kimono back from the dry cleaners and I am going to finish my kilt today.

I want to appologize to all of the women I ever had relations with. I never bothered to learn the true power that is cuddling. I never learned the peace that comes with the stillness of protecting each other wrapped in the others arms. I am sorry I never took advantage of this blessed pairing. Forgive me all.

While I am at it I am sorry I took the covers when I rolled over too.

oop.... my kids are up. I'm going to go cook them pancakes now.